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Web-Based Getting Things Done (GTD) Software

getting things done bookObviously we are big fans of David Allen's "Getting Thing's Done" methodology. In an effort to bring GTD software online, we created Vitalist. It implements every step of David Allen's "Getting Things Done" methodology so you don't have to keep track of it yourself. No more painstaking updates of documents, spreadsheets, or paper to-do-lists. With Vitalist, your lists are online, in GTD format, and ready to be accessed or updated from anywhere.

Learn more about David Allen and GTD at Or you can get started by ordering his book: "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity".

What is GTD?

"Getting Things Done", or GTD, is a personal organization and productivity system created by the acclaimed productivity guru David Allen. Vitalist is Online Getting Things Done software that is all about categorizing what you need to get done into specific lists or buckets. The idea is to get everything out of your head and into your Getting Things Done system so that you will not have to worry about specifically remembering anything. Once you have total trust of your system you will have reached what David Allen likes to call the "Mind Like Water" state. Vitalist helps you with all of this by bringing your GTD software system online and making it accessible from anywhere.

Try Vitalist for Free!

Anyone can sign-up for a free Vitalist account and start their online "Getting Things Done" experience. Our free accounts have no limitations on the number of actions you can create. Extra features such as additional projects, sharing, file attachments, and ssl secure data transmission, are included with our Basic and Premium versions for only $5 and $10 per month respectively.

Questions about Vitalist or GTD?

Feel free to send any questions you may have about Vitalist or GTD to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.