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The Dashboard is your review screen when you log in to Vitalist.
Vitalist: Tour: Dashboard

About the Dashboard
The dashboard is the first screen you will see when you login to your Vitalist account. This screen is where you review your most important and time sensitive items. You will also be reminded of any tickle events you have scheduled for that day.

Dashboard Features
View your most time sensitive projects and actions
View any unfinished overdue actions
Be reminded of “someday” items scheduled to be tickled on the current date
View the most important items which you are waiting on
The Inbox is the place to quickly get things off your mind.
Vitalist: Tour: Inbox

About the Inbox
The Inbox is the place to quickly and easily get information into the Vitalist system. Don’t worry about trying to complete anything yet, just try to input all of your thoughts, needs, to-do’s, and notes into the Inbox. When you are finished, each item can be individually processed into other lists for organization.

The Inbox is the first step in the process
Put anything you want into the Inbox
Just a quick description is all you need
When you are ready, Inbox items can be processed into other lists
Organize your actions by their context
Vitalist: Tour: Contexts

About the Actions List
The Actions page is where you can really get down to business. From here you can organize and manage your actionable items. Associate them with a context to make it easier to differentiate between the types of your actions. For example, all phone calls you have to make would have an @Phone context. This way, when you are at your desk and ready to make a call, you can look at your @Phone actions and easily see all the calls you need to make.

Drag and drop actions for easy sorting
Filter the list to focus on a single context, or view them all at once
Easily view only your next or overdue actions
Share an action or an entire context with another Vitalist user
Add notes and store files with each action
Set an email or sms text message reminder for any action
Create daily, weekly, or monthly recurring actions
Easy Project Management
Vitalist: Tour: Projects

About the Projects List
This is the place to view and organize your Projects. Every project is broken down into a series of actions. Mark each action complete as you go and your projects will be finished in no time. Project management has never been so simple.

Drag and drop the actions in each project to sort their order
Filter the list to focus on a single project, or view them all at once
Easily filter the list to see only the next action or any overdue actions in each project
Share a project and all of the included actions with another Vitalist user
Keep track of everything you have delegated to other people.
Vitalist: Tour: Waiting

About the Waiting List
When you delegate an item in the Vitalist system it is moved to the Waiting list. From here you can see all of the items you are waiting for other people to complete or get back to you on. You can also associate Waiting items to a project and give them a due date.

Mark items as delegated to another person or company
Add new Waiting items, or edit and delete existing ones
Give Waiting items a projects association and/or due date
Remind yourself of future actions end events.
Vitalist: Tour: Someday

About the Someday List
The Someday list is where you put all of the things you want to do, but, for some reason, just are not ready to get to yet. Here in the Someday list, these items are kept in the system until you are ready to proceed with them. You can even schedule Vitalist to remind you of these items sometime in the future.

View and organize items you want to remember for the future
Knowing you have listed future items in the Someday list insures that you will not forget about them later
Setup tickler events to remind you of specific list items at a later date
Store information for quick and easy access in the Reference list.
Vitalist: Tour: Reference

About the Reference List
The Reference list is where you keep notes in the Vitalist system. Put any information you need to remember or have easy access to in the Reference list. These reference items can even have a project association to help organize them.

Store vital information in the Reference list
Have easy access to any notes you store in the Vitalist system
Associate reference items and notes to projects for better organization
Review completed actions and projects in the archives.
Vitalist: Tour: Archives

About the Archives
All of your actions are stored in the Vitalist archives after they are completed. View all completed actions during a time period or do a text search for a specific action.

Use the archives page to do weekly or monthly GTD reviews
Search for a specific completed action
Print copies of your search results
Stay productive on-the-go with
Vitalist: Tour: Mobi

About the Mobile Version
Work with all of your Vitalist actions and projects right in your mobile phone. Just point your mobile browser to to get productive on the go.

View all of your lists and items including the dashboard
Add, edit, and mark actions complete with your phone or PDA
Try it out at
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