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Vitalist Update Release Notes
March 7th, 2010 / 31 Comments

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the latest Vitalist update. Some features are coming out of beta, some are brand new, and some are just a few small tweaks here and there to better the user experience. Here is a quick rundown of the major updates included in the latest release:

  1. Speed – We are always working to improve the responsiveness when interacting with Vitalist.
  2. Advanced sorting – Previously, actions were mainly sorted manually by dragging and dropping actions into the desired location. Now you will have the option to keep the manual sort, or use a persistent sort by either due date, priority, or estimated time. You will see the new advanced ‘Sort’ option in the top right corner of your lists, next to the ‘Print’ option. (*Note: the “drag handle” has now moved from the right to the left side)
  3. Estimated time – You can now entered an “estimated time” option for actions. You will be able to filter, group by, and search on this new field. Currently the time values are limited to a defined list, but we are working on allowing custom entry similar to how the due date works.
  4. Offline access – Offline is now available to all paid subscribers, both Premium and Basic. You will be required to install Google Gears in order for this feature to work.
  5. Daily digest enhancement – Multiple daily digests are now supported, with the option to include all notes, only the latest notes, or no notes at all.
  6. Keyboard shortcuts – When viewing your list, use ctrl + a to select/deselect all the currently visible items. When editing an item, use ctrl + j to toggle between the available edit tabs.
  7. Mobile update – The next actions filter is now available on the mobile version, making processing actions much more efficient on the go.

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