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New Feature: Account Manager support in Firefox
April 28th, 2010 / 3 Comments

Mozilla Labs is always looking to make things easier for users, and new Account Manager add-on for Firefox does just that.

“The Account Manager makes it incredibly easy for users to create new accounts with optional randomly generated passwords, and log into and out of them with just a click.”

Right now they are only supporting sign-in/sign-out, but it does make it pretty convenient connect to Vitalist. Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Download the demo add-on
  2. Sign-in to Vitalist and make sure to use the Firefox “Saved Password” feature
  3. Use the available “key” button to sign-in/sign-out of Vitalist

Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments. As always, please direct any support requests through

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  • From Raul on August 30th, 2011

    Hi Vital!st Team, I’ve thinking register in your application since yesterday. But it seems like there no more updates or new features for about one year.

    Are you planning release a new version soon?

  • From Ten on October 19th, 2013

    Is this software still active?

  • From Ten on October 23rd, 2013

    I think this software is death (no contact from the dev-email since two years!)

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