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Vitalist Scheduled Maintenance
July 20th, 2009 / 35 Comments

Wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that Vitalist may be down for some users tonight starting at 10:00 pm U.S. Central Standard Time (3:00 am GMT).

We do not expect these maintenance changes/updates to take long, likely 15 – 30 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.

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Technical Difficulties: Email and SMS Reminders Sent Out in Error
March 23rd, 2009 / Comments Off

Earlier tonight, while we were updating Vitalist’s servers with a few bug fixes and new features, an error occurred. This error caused our reminder system to send out many email and text reminders that should not have been sent.

We are very sorry for this problem. We realize that these reminders may have come at inappropriate times and are a severe inconvenience. If you received some of these reminders and were inconvenienced by them, please email us at and we will credit your account with a free month of service.

Once again, please accept our sincere apology for this error.

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[No Longer Available] Special Pricing For A Limited Time Only: Save 50% On Yearly Accounts or Get 1-Month Free
February 23rd, 2009 / 173 Comments

We are no longer offering this coupon code. Please check back often for more promotions.

For a limited time only, use the coupon code ‘VITADISCOUNT‘ for special pricing on your Vitalist account. With ‘VITADISCOUNT‘ you will get:

  • 1 FREE Month on all Monthly accounts
  • $24 – BASIC Yearly plan
  • $49 – PREMIUM Yearly plan

Just enter the code into the ‘Referral/Coupon Code’ field when upgrading your account or signing up for a new account. Once you have upgraded, you can verify that the code worked by going to your Settings->Account page. There you should see the appropriate account credit.

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Vitalist + Fluid on the Mac
January 7th, 2009 / 23 Comments

Just wanted to let everyone know about a neat new app I have started using recently to make it super easy to access Vitalist on my Mac. Thanks to Brian for pointing Fluid out to us. With Fluid you can create a ‘Site Specific Browser’ for Vitalist to act like a launch-able application.

The setup I like to use is the “MenuExtra SSB” option pointed at Vitalist’s new iPhone version. This allows me to quickly access the lightweight iPhone interface just by clicking on the Vitalist icon on the menu bar.

To set this up:

  1. Download and open Fluid
  2. Create an SSB with the URL of ‘’ and name it ‘Vitalist iPhone’
  3. Click Create and click Launch Now
  4. Under the ‘Vitalist iPhone’ menu, select ‘Convert to MenuExtra SSB’

This should put the Vitalist icon in your menu bar. When you click the icon, the Vitalist iPhone interface should pop-up. Hope you Mac users can find this useful.

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Refer Friends to Vitalist and Earn Credit Towards Your Account!
October 29th, 2008 / 28 Comments

We are excited to announce that it is now possible to refer friends to Vitalist and earn credit towards your monthly or yearly Vitalist subscription. All the new Vitalist user needs to do is enter your username when signing up for Vitalist or during the Upgrade process. Any account which you refer that is upgraded earns you a credit. The amount of credit is as follows:

  • Premium accounts earn $10 credit
  • Basic accounts will earn you a $5 credit

The credit will be automatically applied toward your account at your next payment. If you have more credit on your account than is necessary for the charge, you are charged nothing. You can view how much credit you have earned at any time by going to your Account settings.
Also, if you would like to create a referral link to put on your website or send in an email, you can find your link in the Account Settings. Just copy and paste the “referral link”. This link allows us to track all users who come to from your site and automatically assign you as the referrer.

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Vitalist’s New Version Is Now Available For All Accounts
October 14th, 2008 / 43 Comments

We have moved our newest version of Vitalist over to the domain.  This version should now be accessible by all accounts.  To setup your account with this new version:

  1. Make sure you have chosen a username in your current Vitalist account.
  2. Go to to register for the new version.

We will continue to offer our previous version for our users who would rather not upgrade to a new system right away.  The “Sign-In” link at will point to the new version, however, you can still access the previous version at  Most of our focus with new features and fixes will be directed toward the new version.

When registering your account to use the new version, you will also be set up on our new user forum.  The new forums allow you to login with your regular Vitalist username, so you will not have to register separately.  

All upgrades and downgrades will now be completed through this new version.  If you have any questions or problems, please post them to our new forum or send us an email at

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Usernames for Vitalist Login
September 10th, 2008 / 12 Comments

username gtd vitalist settingAs we come closer to introducing the next version of Vitalist we wanted to let everyone about one big change we are making to our login system. Usernames will replace email addresses as the login identity for your Vitalist account. Passwords will remain unchanged.

We are making this change after many requests from users to change email addresses. This way, you will have more freedom to easily change your email address in the future. This should also speed up logging in on iPhones and other mobile devices.

If you have used our email-to-inbox feature, the username you created will become your login username. If you have not yet created a username, please go to your Vitalist Settings and select the Info page. Once there you can fill in the username field and click Save.

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Spotlight: Shaine Mata Show
April 21st, 2008 / 200 Comments

Blog Talk LogoLast Friday (4/18), I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Shaine Mata on where we were able to discuss Vitalist and various GTD concepts. Shaine was one of our earliest users and has given us great feedback so I would like to thank him for the opportunity.

If you get a chance, head over and check out his show. There you will find some great discussions and tips on small business and productivity.

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SMS and IM Actions to your Inbox with Twitter and Vitalist
January 29th, 2008 / 248 Comments

twitter logoTwitter is a pretty cool short message communications service that has become very popular lately. It works really well across instant messaging services and mobile SMS gateways. We would like to announce that we have just finished an interface that allows you to send actions directly to your Vitalist inbox through Twitter.

    To get set up:

  1. Sign-up at vitalist-tools/twitter.
  2. You can now access the Twitter->Vitalist setup page directly from your Vitalist Settings/Services. Click ‘API on’ then Save. You should then see an ‘Add Twitter->Vitalist’ link.
  3. Enter you Twitter user name and Vitalist API key (found in Settings->Services) to link the accounts.
  4. Log into Twitter to search for the user: vitalist. Once you have found it, set your account to “follow” vitalist.

At this point, you should be ready to start sending tweets as actions to your Vitalist inbox. Send them as direct messages in the form:

‘d vitalist action’ (Example: d vitalist Pick up dry cleaning)

Your action should then appear in your Vitalist inbox in the next few minutes. If you run into any problems, please let us know at

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Happy New Years and News about Vitalist’s Upcoming Update
January 2nd, 2008 / 20 Comments

We here at Vitalist hope everyone had a happy holiday season and would like to wish everyone a prosperous and productive new year. We thought that as everyone starts to settle down now after holidays and breaks, it would be a great time to announce our newest update to Vitalist.

For the past couple of months we have been working on a new version of Vitalist that represents a major overhaul in both the front-end UI and back-end code. Since our last major release, many features have been added or changed that have made the interface and interaction with Vitalist more complex than we would like. So with this release we are concentrating on simplifying and streamlining the Vitalist user-interface.

Here are some of the improvements that will be included with the update:

  • Improved UI
  • Speed Enhancements
  • Easier Batch Editing of Actions
  • Edit screens will be consolidated into one (fully functional quick-edit)
  • Improved Sharing – There will no longer be a ‘My Shares’ section, all shared items will be available from the main lists
  • Saved Searches – The ability to create a specific search/view and save it for quick and easy access later
  • SSL ability on iPhone version

We will be beta testing this update as we finish it’s development. If you would like to help us test the new version before we release it, please send us an email at with the email you use for your Vitalist account. We are planning on starting the beta test on Monday of next week, and we will notify the testers when it is available.

Thanks and Have a Happy New Year!

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