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Feature Highlight: Filtering on multiple contexts
August 21st, 2009 / 29 Comments

Every once in a while I am going to be posting about some various features of Vitalist, most notably features that you may not be fully aware of. I am starting it off with one I personally use quite a bit.

I am a big fan of working with contexts and I like to take advantage of using multiple contexts per action. Though to make this really useful, you need to be able to filter on multiple contexts to truly narrow your focus on what you are doing. This can be accomplished by using the ‘ctrl’ key when selecting your filter. I will show you with an example:

I am at work and need to make a couple of phone calls. I can easily see what I need to do with multiple context filters. First I select ‘@work’ from the context filter list. Then I hold the ‘ctrl’ key and select the ‘@phone’ context. And voila, all the calls I need to make at work.

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