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Vitalist + Fluid on the Mac
January 7th, 2009 / 23 Comments

Just wanted to let everyone know about a neat new app I have started using recently to make it super easy to access Vitalist on my Mac. Thanks to Brian for pointing Fluid out to us. With Fluid you can create a ‘Site Specific Browser’ for Vitalist to act like a launch-able application.

The setup I like to use is the “MenuExtra SSB” option pointed at Vitalist’s new iPhone version. This allows me to quickly access the lightweight iPhone interface just by clicking on the Vitalist icon on the menu bar.

To set this up:

  1. Download and open Fluid
  2. Create an SSB with the URL of ‘’ and name it ‘Vitalist iPhone’
  3. Click Create and click Launch Now
  4. Under the ‘Vitalist iPhone’ menu, select ‘Convert to MenuExtra SSB’

This should put the Vitalist icon in your menu bar. When you click the icon, the Vitalist iPhone interface should pop-up. Hope you Mac users can find this useful.

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