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Vitalist Now has a Jott Link
December 4th, 2007 / 429 Comments

Vitalist to Jott 2
A few months ago, we wrote on this blog about how to set up a account to send messages to your Vitalist inbox. It worked great but was a bit confusing to set up and get working right. Jott has since released a public API and we saw an opportunity to make the whole process easier.

You can now simply add Vitalist as a Jott Link to your Jott account. No more messing with creating a Vitalist contact and email address. Here is how to get started:

1. Login to your Jott account and click the Jott Links tab. (if you do not have an account, you can sign up free here)

2. Click Add next to the Vitalist logo in the Jott Links list.

3. Click Save or change the name of the link. (the default is Vitalist, if you already have another contact for Vitalist, you will need to change or delete it)

4. Enter your Vitalist login information and click Activate. (this is only required once)

Now you are ready to Jott to Vitalist.

When asked “Who do you want to Jott?” say “Vitalist”, speak your message, and it will be sent to your inbox!

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