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Update and Revisions to Pricing Plans
August 19th, 2007 / 49 Comments

First off, we would like to apologize to all of our users who feel as though they have been mislead by the recent change in our pricing structure. Although this was certainly never our intention, we recognize that some of you are upset. We also understand that these changes may cost us a portion of our user-base, but we feel they are necessary to maintain the health and development of Vitalist.

The main reason for this change is that the advertisements on the free accounts never seemed quite right to us. We always felt they were too intrusive and detracted from the effectiveness of Vitalist. In the end, we did not feel that the little revenue generated by the ads was worth the negative aspects.

After deliberating over the feedback and emails we have received since announcing the changes, we have decided to modify the structure of the free and basic plans. The free plan is meant to give users enough functionality to be able to decide whether Vitalist is for them and worth upgrading to use. To that extent, we are raising the number of projects (active), contexts, and contacts available in the free plan to 10 each. Also, because the Basic plan ($5/month) is designed to have enough functionality to satisfy the vast majority of our users, we are bumping the number of projects (active), contexts, and contacts to 50 each.

Posted by Robert

Upgrade Changes, New Payment Processing, and No Ads
August 15th, 2007 / 285 Comments

Lately, we have been working on creating an alternative to Paypal for our customers who choose to upgrade their Vitalist accounts. While Paypal has served our needs very well so far, we realize that it required extra effort on the part of our customers to upgrade. Therefore, we have created our own payment processing system that will run alongside Paypal. This system will give us much more freedom in how we set up our subscriptions. In the future, we will be able to run promotions with free/reduced rate months as well as set up referral and affiliate programs.

The first change we are introducing is the addition of a new rate plan and some changes to the free Vitalist plan. Vitalist plans will now be broken down into 3 plans:

  • Free: Free accounts will include unlimited actions and up to (Edit: 10) projects, contexts, and contacts each
  • Basic ($5/month) Basic accounts will include sharing, file attachments with 250 MB of storage, and up to (Edit: 50) projects, contexts, and contacts each.
  • Premium ($10/month) Premium accounts include unlimited projects, context, and contacts, as well as sharing, SSL security, and file attachments with 1 GB of storage.

Other changes include the ability to pre-pay for 1 year of Vitalist with a 2-month discount, and the removal of all advertisements on free accounts.

For our customers who have already upgraded your Vitalist plan: We will upgrade your accounts to the Premium plan you will continue to have access to the Vitalist Premium plan at $5/month for as long as your subscription is active.

For our customers who are currently using our Free plan: We will upgrade your account to the Premium plan which you will be able to use until September 16, 2007, at which point you will be prompted to upgrade to continue using the Premium plan. If you upgrade at any time in the next month, you will have access to the Premium plan for $5 per month.

Posted by Robert