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New and Improved
March 31st, 2007 / 137 Comments


The update is here. We have just gone live with our latest version of Vitalist.

This update includes many new features and enhancements. To read about the major changes, please see the past few articles on this blog: Contexts as Tags, Sub-Projects, Quick Add/Edit, and Priority. We think you will find that these features make Vitalist both more powerful and more adaptable to different productivity styles.

We suggest that you clear your browser’s cache to ensure proper displaying of images in the new version. To do this in Firefox, select Tools->Clear Private Data in the menu. In IE, go to Tools->Internet Options and click the “Delete Files” button in the “Temporary Internet Files” grouping.

If you find any problems with the update, please let us know at and we will try to take care of it right away.

Posted by Robert

Vitalist Preview #4: Priority
March 20th, 2007 / 474 Comments

One major concept to take from GTD is the notion of “Next Actions.” However, these “next actions” can be tricky to denote in an online application, especially when you add the fact that many people will view “next actions” differently.

We have thought long and hard about “next actions,” and have come up with what we feel will be a nice solution: Priority. In Vitalist, priority will let you determine which actions are the most important. Priority also gives you another indication of when you should work on an action, other than due date.

Here is a screenshot of priorities in action (click to enlarge):


You can quickly change an actions’ priority by simply clicking on the star icon. This will toggle the action through all of the different priority levels: high, medium, low, and none. And what if you want to quickly see your High Priority actions? There is a filter available in the sidebar that is only one click away.

For such seemingly small addition, we feel adding priority to Vitalist will make it much more powerful. Hopefully you will agree.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Vitalist Preview #1: Contexts as Tags, Vitalist Preview #2: Sub Projects, and Vitalist Preview #3: Quick Add/Edit.

And again, stay tuned for more previews coming up.

Posted by Matt

Vitalist Preview #3: Quick Add/Edit
March 15th, 2007 / 23 Comments

Ok, time for the new feature that I am most excited about. In the next update to Vitalist, we will be adding what I refer to as “quick edit.”

The “quick edit” will now allow you to double click on your desired action, and instantly allow you to edit the item. No more loading of a new page is needed. You will have all of the most important fields available, and if you need to view/edit more information you will still have the detail screen available.

Here is a screenshot of the quick edit in action (click to enlarge):

Quick Add/Edit

We have also re-tooled the “quick add.” Every list will now have this available, which should greatly speed up the entering of data.

So far I can tell you that the “quick add/edit” has greatly increased my efficiency when using Vitalist. Hopefully everyone will enjoy this feature.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Vitalist Preview #1: Contexts as Tags and Vitalist Preview #2: Sub Projects.

And again, stay tuned for more previews coming up.

Posted by Matt

Vitalist Preview #2: Sub Projects
March 14th, 2007 / 16 Comments

Another feature we are adding in our next update to Vitalist is Sub Projects. Many of you have requested this, and we have listened. You will have the ability to add up to two sub levels, and as always you will be able to add unlimited projects.

Actually, projects will play a much more central role in Vitalist. You will now have a ‘My Projects’ link right in your navigation menu, instead of having them stuck away in your settings.

Here is a screenshot of the sub projects in action (click to enlarge):

Sub Projects

Another thing you may notice is the ability to complete projects. Once you complete projects, they will be removed from your lists just like completed actions do. You also have the ability to add Due Dates to projects, as well as choose in what order they will appear.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Vitalist Preview #1: Contexts as Tags.

And again, stay tuned for more previews coming up.

Posted by Matt

Vitalist Preview #1: Contexts as Tags
March 12th, 2007 / 23 Comments

We are getting ever so close to releasing our next update to Vitalist, so we thought it was about time to start letting you in on the major new features.

After using Vitalist for the last few months and seeing your feedback, we have gained a different perspective on “contexts” and exactly what their real purpose is. Why should you be limited to “labeling” an action with only one context? What if you have an action that you are doing at @work and on the @computer, or at @home and on the @phone. So we thought, why not treat contexts more like tags?

Here is a screenshot of the new contexts in action (click to enlarge):

Contexts as Tags

Now we understand that this is a big change of how we currently handle contexts, but we feel this makes the software much more powerful. There are no more constraints when it comes to contexts.

And another benefit of handling contexts like tags is that they are much more universal. Now any of your actions on any of your lists can be tagged, and quickly/easily filtered.

In the next few days we will preview more of our new features, so stay tuned.

Posted by Matt