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New Feature: Account Manager support in Firefox
April 28th, 2010 / 77 Comments

Mozilla Labs is always looking to make things easier for users, and new Account Manager add-on for Firefox does just that.

“The Account Manager makes it incredibly easy for users to create new accounts with optional randomly generated passwords, and log into and out of them with just a click.”

Right now they are only supporting sign-in/sign-out, but it does make it pretty convenient connect to Vitalist. Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Download the demo add-on
  2. Sign-in to Vitalist and make sure to use the Firefox “Saved Password” feature
  3. Use the available “key” button to sign-in/sign-out of Vitalist

Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments. As always, please direct any support requests through

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New Feature: Move actions using drag & drop
March 31st, 2010 / 23 Comments

Most of you have probably been anticipating this feature ever since we moved the drag & drop handle from the right side of actions to the left. Well without further ado, we are pleased to announce the ability to move actions from your lists directly into other lists using our integrated drag & drop functionality.

All that is required is you be in “Manual” sort mode so that the drag & drop handle appears. Then you just drag an action, hover over the desired list, and that action will be placed into the new list. That’s all it takes.

Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments. As always, please direct any support requests through

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New Features: Add bar options and Convert to Project
March 21st, 2010 / 35 Comments

I am pleased to announce some long awaited features that have just released for Vitalist.

Add bar options

The focus of the add bar at the top of your lists has always been to quickly add actions, projects, etc. You will be able to continue to use the add bar like normal, but you now have the ability to add some more detailed information with the use of a “more” option. You will notice a new arrow button next to the current “Add” button. This will allow you to toggle the new additional options available.

Convert an action to a project

Many times you have actions in your lists that need to be converted to projects. Well you now have that capability using the “Move action” dropdown available when editing an action. At the bottom of the list you will see the option [Convert to Project]. Simply save your action and it will be removed from your current view and added to your Projects list. Also, any project set on that action will become the parent of the new project. The due date and any notes will also be transferred.

Let us know what you think of these new features in the comments. As always, please direct any support requests through

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New Feature: Email to Inbox parser update
March 19th, 2010 / 30 Comments

A new feature we are releasing in beta is the ability to add additional information to your Inbox actions sent via email. The basics will stay the same. The subject is where you will enter your action description, along with the new parse functions. And the body of the email will continue to be added as a note.

Let’s get into into the new parse functions. Just add the following to your subject and they will be applied to the new action.

  • @context – will apply the appropriate context to the action, or create a new one if not available
  • -p:ProjectName or -p: “Project Name” – will apply the appropriate project to the action, or create a new one if not available. Notice the ” option. Project’s with spaces will need to be wrapped in quotes.
  • -w:ContactName or -w: “Contact Name” – applied similar to projects.
  • -*:High – will apply the appropriate priority to the action. Options include High, Med or Medium, and Low.
  • -d:duedate – will apply the appropriate due date to the action.Options include natural language such as today, or general dates such as 3/19/2010.

So go ahead and try it out and let us know what you think. And remember to send any support related requests to

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Vitalist Update Release Notes
March 7th, 2010 / 31 Comments

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the latest Vitalist update. Some features are coming out of beta, some are brand new, and some are just a few small tweaks here and there to better the user experience. Here is a quick rundown of the major updates included in the latest release:

  1. Speed – We are always working to improve the responsiveness when interacting with Vitalist.
  2. Advanced sorting – Previously, actions were mainly sorted manually by dragging and dropping actions into the desired location. Now you will have the option to keep the manual sort, or use a persistent sort by either due date, priority, or estimated time. You will see the new advanced ‘Sort’ option in the top right corner of your lists, next to the ‘Print’ option. (*Note: the “drag handle” has now moved from the right to the left side)
  3. Estimated time – You can now entered an “estimated time” option for actions. You will be able to filter, group by, and search on this new field. Currently the time values are limited to a defined list, but we are working on allowing custom entry similar to how the due date works.
  4. Offline access – Offline is now available to all paid subscribers, both Premium and Basic. You will be required to install Google Gears in order for this feature to work.
  5. Daily digest enhancement – Multiple daily digests are now supported, with the option to include all notes, only the latest notes, or no notes at all.
  6. Keyboard shortcuts – When viewing your list, use ctrl + a to select/deselect all the currently visible items. When editing an item, use ctrl + j to toggle between the available edit tabs.
  7. Mobile update – The next actions filter is now available on the mobile version, making processing actions much more efficient on the go.

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Feature Preview: Estimated Time and Advanced Sorting
October 30th, 2009 / 19 Comments

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on some new features that are in the pipeline. These features should be released in the upcoming weeks.

Estimated Time. Estimated time to complete an action is a feature we have gone back and forth on for some time with Vitalist. We now feel like we have found the best implementation for this feature, without adding any complexity to the user interface. The real benefit of this feature will be the additional sorting and searching capabilities, which will allow you to prioritize what to do based on time effort.

Advanced sorting. Currently the sorting of actions allows you to drag and drop your actions in any order you desire. If you want to sort by date or priority, those actions are available to re-sort your list. Let’s call this “Custom”. But I know sometimes you may always want your data sorted by Date or Priority, automatically. So now you will be able to choose from the following three options, Date, Priority, and Custom (current method of sorting). You will be able to quickly and easily toggle back and forth, giving you complete control of your data output.

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Feature Highlight: Filtering on multiple contexts
August 21st, 2009 / 29 Comments

Every once in a while I am going to be posting about some various features of Vitalist, most notably features that you may not be fully aware of. I am starting it off with one I personally use quite a bit.

I am a big fan of working with contexts and I like to take advantage of using multiple contexts per action. Though to make this really useful, you need to be able to filter on multiple contexts to truly narrow your focus on what you are doing. This can be accomplished by using the ‘ctrl’ key when selecting your filter. I will show you with an example:

I am at work and need to make a couple of phone calls. I can easily see what I need to do with multiple context filters. First I select ‘@work’ from the context filter list. Then I hold the ‘ctrl’ key and select the ‘@phone’ context. And voila, all the calls I need to make at work.

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Vitalist Update Release Notes
July 21st, 2009 / 10 Comments

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the latest updates we have made to Vitalist. Here are the latest features now available:

  • Speed – We have worked very hard to improve speed all throughout the application
  • Improved note handling – This is where you will notice quite a bit of change. We are using a new note input method, known as Markdown. More information will be released about this soon in our support. Also included is a pop-out window for better managing actions with longer notes.
  • Icon shortcuts – All of the mini icons next to actions/projects now jump you directly to that tab when editing. For example, clicking the note icon will take you to the notes tab.
  • Additional search options – Next actions only and a new sort are now available in the Smart Searches
  • Group by Projects – When grouping actions by project, the project header will now display the project’s due date along with the related actions’ due dates.
  • Offline support – We are releasing the beta for offline support using Google Gears. If you are interested in testing this out please email us at
  • iPhone App beta – We are releasing the beta for the iPhone app. If you are interested in testing this out please email us at

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Vitalist Scheduled Maintenance
July 20th, 2009 / 35 Comments

Wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that Vitalist may be down for some users tonight starting at 10:00 pm U.S. Central Standard Time (3:00 am GMT).

We do not expect these maintenance changes/updates to take long, likely 15 – 30 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.

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Vitalist Scheduled Maintenance
March 31st, 2009 / 195 Comments

We will be performing an upgrade tonight in order to release some much awaited new features, starting around 9:00pm CST on Tuesday, March 31, 2009. We expect any experienced downtime to be 30 minutes maximum.

We hope you will enjoy these new features.

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